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Shana - Pokemon Roleplay by Chary9 Shana - Pokemon Roleplay by Chary9
Because she needed a redesign.... drastically... and I lost her old design.... that too.

I know there's a gazillion things wrong with her anatomy... especially on her arms and legs... I knooooww... It's just a ref sheet really ;^^. (Hence only flat colours).

Just flat colours, did some more work on the headshot though, because I felt like it xP.
Again, the lineart is sucky, since I didn't really put much effort into it. Hence, it is a rather sketchy and stuff.

Also, please ignore my failure of what is supposed to be a Bulbasaur.... the Pidgey came out awesomely though xD.

Oh well, a bit about the characters though.

Shana is kind, cheerful, and somewhat childish. She comes over somewhat airheaded, however, in battles and stuff she can come out surprisingly strategic and can usually think of tactics and such quite easily.

She is also gullible as heeellll. Seriously. She'll believe anything.

On to the Pokémon.
Her starter is a Bulbasaur, Shinea. She is somewhat serious. Especially compared to the rest of her Pokémon.

The second is Gallein, her Pidgey. He's a hyper little fellow, proud, energetic and a fighter. He's also rather protective of Shana. Generally sits on her shoulder, and has the tendency to pull on her hair if he wants her attention. (Wonder how that will work out once he evolves xP)

She also has a Drowzee, Trent. Who is somewhat of a lovable sweet guy. Not the quickest however.

And a Luvdisc, Venus. She hasn't used her a lot yet to be honest, so her personality is yet to be developed.
sgt-pickles Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2009
Very cute! I like your choice of colour scheme for her. ^^
R1kO Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice :)
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